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"The enormous power of the heart, and the power we have to receive the healing we took birth for, is within us all." ~Stephen Levine  

Somatic Coaching

Removing the obstacles to clear seeing and calm abiding, authenticity and vitality often requires a
holistic approach to be truly transformative. I bring together the tools of cognitive, somatic, expressive arts, transpersonal, attachment, polyvagal and trauma-informed practices with contemplative movement, Hatha yoga, Reiki and energy work. Together we cultivate a trustworthy container to explore the causes and conditions that are obstructing you from being present to greater love and generativity. 

Clifftop Yoga


To keep the channels clear and open, a daily practice of mindfulness, self-care, and relational care is cultivated, stabilizing your mood by creating practices that build a steadier foundation of calm strength and compassion.​
❅Soothing and directing the energy and wisdom of powerful emotions in the service of your growth and the care of your loved ones.

❅Strengthening a secure base of healthy attachments to self, loved ones and a power greater than yourself.​
❅Enhancing executive functioning - skills which include organization, focus, time management, delayed gratification, impulse control, and problem-solving.

❅Honoring and integrating grief and loss in order to reenter the fullness of life as it offers itself up for your delight.​
❅Building healthy self-soothing skills and the capacity to connect with and celebrate the joys and sorrows of life sober.

❅Developing relational skills that deepen healthy intimacy, vulnerability and interdependence.​
❅Navigating powerful life transitions with greater ease and confidence.​
❅Alleviating somatic distress with practices that welcome you home to the wisdom and strength of your body/mind.

❅Clarifying your unique sexuality, gender and relationship structures and harnessing this life force energy for the sacred purpose of conscious union and creativity.​
❅Identifying and following your purposeful path with greater integrity, joy, focus & creativity. ​

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growth edges 

Often there is a sense of overwhelm that brings people to seek the support of a coach. One's mind stream, emotions, physical sensations, reactions to stimuli, and relationships are impacted by a level of distress.  In session we can address what is most alive in you, following the channels that are most open into the ones that are most closed. 

For some that means attuning to the sensory field of turbulent body memories, and others prefer the cognitive realm where you find the words to tell your personal story, perhaps for the first time.  My approach is to attune to the wisdom of the nervous system, and learn to shift from distressed states to resourced states, where the story shifts, transforming old narratives of lack and limitation into liberation, well being and possibility.

Your Wellness:
​Receiving the support of a devoted, experienced and well-trained coach requires an investment on your part.  The biggest investment is your openness and willingness to grow beyond your current level of development. Resistance to change can and will arise and following through with attending coaching is even more important when it does.  
I offer one time consultations, short-term and long-term coaching.  Biweekly and weekly sessions are 45-55 minutes in length. Together we can decide the duration and frequency of sessions to meet your intentions for integration, growth and healing.  
How We Begin:
Check out my HOW WE BEGIN page for all you need to know. 
Level of Care:
Note:  coaching is not a substitute for the full spectrum of behavioral health services that address the high acuity needs of those who are actively suicidal, homicidal, have untreated substance addiction, active anorexia, are living in a domestic violence situation, have needed psychiatric hospitalization in the past year or who need a legal evaluation for disability, custody, or court-ordered treatment.  

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