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I extend a warm hello to you and an emphatic, yes!  Yes, it is possible to integrate the legacy of trauma we have inherited and shift from surviving to thriving in this lifetime.  We are all called to evolve beyond our survival level strategies designed to cope with wounding family systems, lineages and social systems. We are collectively facing monumental global challenges, socially, politically and environmentally, that amplifies this legacy, and hastens the call for us to cultivate greater capacity to stay present, resourced and lovingly engaged. 

My practice is focused on the somatics of being well regulated and socially engaged.  As we cultivate awareness and trust in the intelligence of posture, movement, breath, felt sense and subtle energy, our capacity for empathy, curiosity, collaboration and playfulness grows.  Our sense of secure attachment to Self, other beings, the planet and Source also grows.  We shift from a state of fragmentation to awareness of what is always here and now:  connection and wholeness, the foundation of secure attachment.

My practice is founded on 26+ years of devoted training and experience serving individuals, couples and groups in mental health and substance abuse clinics, K-12  schools, community college, private practice, yoga studios and retreat centers. Just like you, I am continually studying, learning and growing, remaining steadfast in my devotion to this evolutionary process with my own family, teachers, community and connection with the sacred.   

I would be honored to offer my gifts in service to your journey, and look forward to celebrating with you the never ending invitation to deepen our capacity to love.


Services of The Heart

Image by Johannes Plenio


To summon the courage and skills to live a more interdependent and authentic life, sometimes support is needed. We'll explore the obstacles that inspire you to reach out for support, your vision of what is possible, and an orientation to the inner and outer resources you might access to move from the dance you're in, to the dance you want to be in.  A holistic approach means we explore how unmet needs and unmetabolized experiences are expressed in mind, body, behavior and relationship.  In session, we center somatic awareness with self regulation and co-regulation skills that flow into right action, moving you beyond surviving into thriving.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Image by Brooke Lark
Image by Kristopher Roller


Developing the skills to attune and respond to you and your partner's feelings, needs and requests, without abandoning your true self, is the path of conscious relationship.   The obstacles in the way of a secure partnership or marriage reveal the path to that which you both seek: greater expression of love.  Past injuries to the health of your relationship can be repaired and resolved while regaining clarity in moving forward together with vitality and renewed commitment or uncoupling compassionately.

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